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We offer customized, chemical cleaning programs designed around each individual's business. We truly understand that everyone's business is unique and different, and the only way a business can grow is if they are partnered with professionals that understand.  We are a nationally authorized and award-winning distributor of commercial laundry equipment, chemical supplies and systems serving.  


For choosing our business, we guarantee chemicals delivered on time, in a professional manner, and we guarantee you will not find better cleaning agents!  We also guarantee services within 24 hours on any machine we bring to your business.  Please complete the form on the right or call for futher details.  We look forward to helping your staff truly keeping your establishment clean.

Serving NJ, NY, CT, PA or Nationwide!

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We have 15 Gallons of the best

cleaning chemicals money can buy.

Buy in bulk and expand your budget

Our 5 Gallons are easy to carry around,

connect to machines and safe to use

Hospitality and health care industries (i.e., fitness centers, country/golf clubs, schools/colleges, hotels, motels, catering/restaurants, bars, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, centralized laundries/companies and more.

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Every business is different and need

specific chemicals.  

We design a customized chemical

cleaning plan for your business, ensuring

you save money, never wasting products

and chosen cleaning agents/ chemicals for the right jobs,

not like others who try to sell you things

you don't need.


Customized Cleaning Chemical

Plans that work for your Business

Commercial Laundry Equipment NJ,NYC,CT


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